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Salt WaterSalt Water

Salt Water

Salt Water, identified with Marine Water, contains high amount of salts dissolved in water, in fact saturated with salts. As is evident, Salt Water finds use in Marine Aquariums. Usually, these Salt Waters are collected from natural sources and are hygienically packed for safe use in Marine Aquariums. Fresh Marine, one of the leading online market place for all type of aquarium products, offers potential Salt water from Blue Life. Let us have a look.

Blue Water by Blue Life. This all-natural Sea Water is fortified, pure, and hygienically & rigorously filtered seawater, collected from the Pacific Ocean. Widely employed by leading Fish Wholesalers and huge Public Aquariums, this Salt Water, with a Specific Gravity of 1.024 (+/- .002), is now available in convenient pack for domestic aquariums as well. Water changes were never this easier, where measuring and mixing are the things of past. To use, let Blue Water reach the aquarium water temperature with a difference of no more than +/- 2 degrees. Now, remove the quantity of existing aquarium water and replace it with the equal quantity of Sea Water. Ideally, you should change 10%-15 of your tank’s water on fortnightly basis. Do not use this Salt Water for “topping off” in the case of evaporation. Employ Reverse Osmosis (R.O.) or De Ionized (D.I.) Freshwater instead. It comes in 5 Gallons pack.

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