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Snappers are a separate Family of Perciform fishes, which are popular for their good growth and height. Young fish are called as Squires and the older ones are called Old Man Snappers. These are popular as low fat seafood. One of the most popular Snappers is Red Snapper, as it fares in the list of prized food fish. There are around 100 species of Snappers with most of them belonging to Lutjanidae Family.

Compatibility. Snappers are Peaceful in disposition, though they are also good eaters and can turn semi-aggressive & eat small fish that can easily fit into their mouth. Owing to their large size and semi-aggressive temperament, it is advisable to keep only one Malcolor Niger in an aquarium.
  • Habit & Habitat. Snappers are found on Coral Reefs, in the Indo-Pacific region and Fiji. Snappers have a long life.
  • Morphology. These powerful fish have compact body and a large Head with steep slope. Snappers grow up to a maximum of 26 inches.
  • Ideal Marine Aquarium Environment. Snappers require a tank of at least 200 gallons, with ample illumination and a plenty of space for the Snappers to hide & swim. Keep the water quality of aquarium, high, with Specific Gravity ranging within 1.020-1.025, pH 8.1-8.4, and Temperature within 72-78F.
  • Aquarium Feeding. Snappers are Carnivores and like to eat a variety of Meats such as, Frozen Silver Slides, Squid, Mussels, Krill, Black Worms, Live Mysis, Chopped Meats, Scallops, Shrimp, Marine Fish, and Shrimps.
  • Aquarium Breeding: Warm Summer to autumn temperatures, favor the survival of Eggs, Larvae, and Juveniles.
  • Care. Snappers are very sensitive fish, and they cannot tolerate the fluctuations in Temperature, Salinity, and the pH of the tank. As they are difficult to maintain, only Expert Aquarists should handle them.

  • Now lets look at the various Snappers available at Fresh Marine. These Snappers are from Lutjanidae Family.

    Malcolor Niger - Grunts Sweetlips. Also known as Malcolor Snapper Sweet Lips, Malcolor Snapper, and Black & White Snapper Niger, these Snappers occur in the Tropical marine waters of the Indo West & Central Pacific. These Snappers look very attractive physically and are Reef Compatible. They have plain, Bluish Grey surface and sport a paler shade on the underside. Its Flesh is strongly textured and it has Dark Fins. Snappers contain less fat and are therefore preferred as food. They grow up to a size of 26 inches and require a minimum tank capacity of 200 Gallons. Malcolor Niger is a highly energetic fish and is a good eater. It therefore requires sufficient food to survive, until it gets used to the aquarium environment. You can give live foods such as, small Feeder Guppies. Snappers love to eat meaty foods.

    Emperor Red Snapper (Lutjanus sebae). Also known as Red Emperor Snapper Fish, these Snappers grow up to a maximum size of 14 inches and require a tank of minimum 200 Gallons capacity. Available in Red or Pink colors, these Snappers have Red colored Fins.

    Hifin Snapper (Symphorichthys spilurus). Also known as Threadfin, Bluelined Sea Bream, the Sailfin, Hifin, Majestic, Blue-Gold-Striped Snapper, and Majestic Snapper Fish, Snappers grow up to a maximum size of 24 inches and require a minimum of 180 Gallons tank capacity. They have a Lateral Line, Blue in color, running along the length of their Yellow colored body.

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