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Squirrelfishes are Marine Fish belonging to the Order Beryciformes. These fish have a typical characteristic of vibrating their Swim Bladder to produce grunting and clicking noises. This behavior is a part of their defense mechanism by which they defend their territories from the intruders. Fresh Marine offers several interesting species of Squirrelfishes. However, prior to moving on to them, lets check few common features found in Squirrelfishes.

Compatibility. Squirrelfishes are Peaceful by nature, and are generally great additions for the Fish Only Aquariums with non-aggressive inmates. Squirrelfishes are not Reef Compatible. You may keep one Squirrelfish in a tank, though great if they are able to live in schools.
  • Habit & Habitat. Squirrelfishes are usually found in Schools, on the Coral or Rocky Reefs of the Equatorial and Warm Temperate Seas, including the Indo-West Pacific Region. Squirrelfishes are Nocturnal species. They hide during the day in deep fissures or under Coral Shelves and are actively out at night.
  • Ideal Marine Aquarium Environment. Squirrelfishes ideally require an aquarium temperature range of 72-78 degrees Fahrenheit. A pH value of 8.1-8.4 and the specific gravity of 1.020-1.025 should be maintained in the aquarium. The tank capacity can range from 55 to 75 Gallons so that the Squirrelfishes have enough free space to swim around. Place ample Live Rocks, Caves, and Overhangs in the aquarium, for the Squirrelfishes to hide. Keep the lighting of your tank dim.
  • Feeding Behavior. Squirrelfishes are Carnivores and you should therefore feed them with meaty menus. Owing to their Nocturnal habit, these fishes come out at night. Being Benthic Feeders, Squirrelfishes search in Sand and Grass Beds, for their food, Crabs, Shrimps, Squids, Clams, the other small Crustaceans, large Zooplankton, Marine Algae, and other Herbivore Foods.
  • Morphology. Squirrelfishes are very Hardy, while being medium sized, bright colored, usually Red, fish. They have large eyes, measuring anywhere between 12-24 (30-60cm). Large eyes help Squirrelfishes to make the maximum use of the ambient light at night. Squirrelfishes have barbed Fins, rough, prickly Scales, and sharp Spine on each Cheek.
  • Care. Not much care is needed for Squirrelfishes. They are easy to maintain and can be handled even by the Beginners.

    Now lets explore the species offered at Fresh Marine. We offer Squirrelfishes specimen of three different sizes, small (2-3 inches), medium (4-5 inches), and large (6-7 inches).

  • Family Holocentridae
  • Big Eyed Squirrelfish (Myripristis species). Also referred to as Blotcheye, Soldierfish, Red Squirrel Fish, and Bigeye, these Squirrelfishes grow up to 9 in length and require a tank of minimum 60 Gallons capacity. Big Eyed Squirrelfish have a down turned Mouth with large Eyes.
  • Striped Squirrelfish (Sargocentron xantherythrum). Also known as, Hawaiian Squirrel Fish, these Squirrelfishes are patterned with thin White Horizontal Stripes on a Metallic Red colored body. The Striped Squirrelfish have large Preopercular Spine and Mouth, Large Scaled body, with somewhat Concave Snout. The fish have sharp poisonous Fin and Head Spine. Growing up to a maximum of 7 inches, these Squirrelfishes require an aquarium of minimum 60 Gallons capacity. These Squirrelfishes require moderate care.

  • Family Priacanthidae.
  • Glass Eye Squirrelfish (Heteropriacanthus cruentatus). Also referred as Dusky-Finned Bullseye, the most astounding characteristic of these Squirrelfishes is that their coloration turns brighter Red with age. At a young age, the Fins and the Body of a Glass Eye Squirrelfish are covered with the patches of Brown and Red. Growing up to a maximum of twelve inches in length, these Squirrelfishes require a tank of minimum 70 Gallons capacity. These Squirrelfishes require Moderate care and preferably, Experts should handle them. As these fishes have Spines, proper care should be taken while maintaining the tank.

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