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Stress Reduce SupplementStress Reduce Supplement

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Stress Reduce Supplement

Stress Reduce Supplements, as the name suggests, are Aquarium Water Additives, considerably regulating most of the factors causing stress to aquarium inhabitants. Stress Reduce Supplements regulate this stress by keeping the aquarium, contaminants free. It does so by catalyzing the evolution of Biological Filtration process in Freshwater and Saltwater Aquariums. In addition, Stress Reduce Supplements supply the nutrients and synthetic Slime Coats, essential for the proper growth & development, and injury healing of aquarium fishes and plants, along with helping them cope from stress. As a result, the life in your aquarium stays healthy and vibrant. Fresh Marine offers some of the potential Stress Reduce Supplements from leading brands. The ensuing discussion deals with some of the options available at Fresh Marine.

Stress Reduce Supplements by Aquarium Pharmaceuticals.
  • Stress Zyme. This Stress Reduce Supplement is a Biological Filter Additive for both, Freshwater and Saltwater Aquariums. Stress Zyme speeds up the evolution of Biological Filter in a tank by cleaning the organic waste from its water. The formula contains beneficial live Bacteria for decomposing the harmful Organic Pollutants present in the tank water. If allowed to stay, these Organic Contaminants can slow down the growth of Nitrifying Bacteria, resulting in Ammonia & Nitrite Poisoning, and low Oxygen levels. As a result, this Stress Reduce Supplement maintains a positive aquarium environment by keeping the water clean and of high quality, which in turn benefits the health of fishes therein. Its regular usage can gradually improve the water quality and the health of the fishes living in it.
  • Stress Coat. Suitable for Fresh & Saltwater Aquariums, Water Gardens, and Ponds, this Stress Reduce Supplement is an excellent Water Conditioner containing Nature’s Liquid Bandage, Aloe Vera. Aloe Vera in the Stress Reduce Supplement prevents the loss of important electrolytes from the body, while also guarding the injured tissues from the disease inducing germs. In addition, Stress Coat helps fishes recover from their Skin Wounds and heal their Torn Fins. The formula quickly removes Chlorine & Chloramines, and neutralizes Heavy Metals (e.g., Copper & Zinc) from tap water, to make it safe and healthy for fishes. Stress Coat also replaces natural Slime Coating on fishes with its synthetic one, during their stressful time, such as, fighting, shipping, netting, and handling to name some. For optimum results, use Stress Coat while setting up an aquarium, changing tank water, when fishes are stressed, or while adding fishes to the aquarium.

  • Stress Reduce Supplements by Kordon.
  • Polyaqua Additive - Protective Slime Coat and Vitamin. This Stress Reduce Supplement is a specialized Water Conditioner, meant to be used by Aquarists, Pond Keepers, and other aquarium professionals (Shippers, Dealers, Wholesalers, Collectors), involved in the transportation and handling of aquatic animals. Polyaqua contains Synthetic Polymers, Product Stabilizers, and Vitamin B12, for the proper healing of damaged tissues and replacing the natural Slime Coat on fishes with the synthetic ones. Polyaqua detoxifies Heavy Metal Ions, such as, Copper, Lead, and Zinc, which are harmful for aquatic animals, by precipitating them out. The Stress Reduce Supplement boosts the survival rate of aquatic animals by efficiently reducing their stress and the development of harmful diseases, while also healing the physical damage occurred during handling, capturing, and other Physiological problems. Polyaqua is compatible with disease control medications for fishes and does not interfere with the normal Aquarium Biological Filtration. You can safely use Polyaqua in established Aquariums and Ponds.
  • VitaTrace Freshwater Additive. This Stress Reduce Supplement is a complete Trace Element and Vitamins Additive for all Freshwater Fish and Plants. The nutrients contained in VitaTrace are present in bio-available form, which are easily assimilable by aquatic fauna and flora. As a result, VitaTrace builds robust Immune System for Freshwater Fishes and is especially helpful for Cichlids & other rapidly growing fishes. Iron present in the Stress reduce Supplement, enhances plant growth. A regular usage of VitaTrace enhances the colors of fishes, and catalyzes their growth & development.

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