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Urinary Support Formula For PetUrinary Support Formula For Pet

Urinary Support Formula for Pets

Urinary Tract problems are not as rare in pets as one might think. Urinary Tract complications may be caused either by infectious agents such as, Viruses, Bacteria, Fungi, and Crystals, present in Urine, or by non-infectious conditions such as, Interstitial Cystitis and shock or trauma. Urinary complications are more common and severe in Cats than Dogs. In Cats' parlance, many of the above-mentioned disease inducing conditions are often clumped together as Feline Urologic Syndrome, besides many more causes that are different. Feline Urologic Syndrome though affects both, male and female cats; it may usually be much more serious a condition in males. The Syndrome usually involves the formation of Crystals in Urine, which may block the Urethra, thereby hampering urination. This in turn is toxic to the body.

Then there are urinary problems in pets, caused by traumatic injuries. Here, the Nerves connecting to the Urinary Bladder may malfunction and may lead to Urinary problems. The basic remedy for this is Acupuncture.

It is interesting to note that your pet's Physiology is designed to defend the chances of Urinary Tract infections. The following are some key safety mechanisms at work in your pets' body:
  • Beneficial Bacteria. There are naturally occurring, beneficial Bacteria in the Urethra of your pets, which prevent colonization by disease-causing Bacteria.
  • Mucus. Mucus in the Urinary Bladder helps stop any Pathogens invasion, though Mucus and Urate Crystals can cause painful Urethral obstruction in male Cats.
  • Antibodies. Antibodies are released into the Urine of your pets to defend them against Pathogens.
  • Acidity. Urea and Urine are acidic enough to reduce Bacterial multiplication.
  • Antibacterial Secretions. Prostate Secretions of your male pets have Antibacterial properties.

  • However, despite all the above natural inbuilt defense in their body, your pets may still catch the Urinary Tract Infections. The commonest symptoms of the infections in your pets include:
  • Strained Urination. Your pet spends a lot of time in the Litter Box, often straining to Urinate.
  • Blood in Urine. Sometimes, there is Blood in your pet's Urine.
  • Scant Urination. At times, there may just be the tiny spots of Urine, even though they might have been in the Litter Box for a long time.
  • Avoiding Litter Box. Your pets may associate their Urinary Tract pain with their Litter Box and urinate elsewhere.
  • Restlessness. Sometimes you will hear your pets cry, moan, or move about uncomfortably in the Litter Box due to pain and discomfort.
  • No Urination. There may be extremes when you may not see your pets passing any Urine. This may be life threatening, as urination is the process of releasing toxins from the body. If retained, these toxins may prove poisonous to the body.

  • In order to fight back these urinary problems, Urinary Support Formula for Pets, helps. Fresh Marine brings to you a broad spectrum of Urinary Support Formula for Pets. The ensuing discussion explores this range of Urinary Support Formula for Pets.

    FUS - Feline Urinary Support Tablets by Veterinarian's Best. This Urinary Support Formula for Pets is available in Tablets form and is the sure cure for the Cat Lube Hairball accumulations in the Digestive Tract of your Cat. The problem of Hair accumulations, known as Hairballs, in the Digestive Tract of Cats is very common. Hairballs hinder your pet's normal digestion. This herbal Urinary Support Formula for Pets lubricates their Digestive Tract without petroleum-based ingredients. This lubrication by the Urinary Support Formula for Pets catalyzes the easy elimination of Hairballs from your Cat's body.

    Uri-Ease Tuna Flavored Soft Chews for Cats 2.5oz by Nutri-Vet. This Urinary Support Formula for Pets helps maintain a healthy Urinary Tract of your Cats without any complications and infections. This all natural, Urinary Support Formula for Pets has been formulated by veterinarians.

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