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ZooMed Power HeadZooMed Power Head

ZooMed Power Head

Power Heads are fully submersible Water Pumps, meant to stabilize Aquarium Water Current at a desired level, while also powering up Aquarium Equipment fitted in your tank. ZooMed Laboratories, Inc, an American company offering products mostly dealing with Reptiles pet care, brings to you a splendid range of ZooMed Power Heads. These ZooMed Power Heads come in different capacities, ranging from 125 GPH to 270 GPH. Fresh Marine, a leading online marketplace of aquarium products, offers a striking collection of the choicest ZooMed Power Heads. The ensuing discussion throws an insight on these ZooMed Power Heads.

ZooMed Microclean Internal Filters. These Mini Aquarium Filters are especially designed, multi functional internal filters for Freshwater & Marine Aquariums, Terrariums, or small sized Ponds. Possessing an effective Micropump 104, these Mini Aquarium Filters are CSA and NRTL/C Electrically Certified. Following are the options available in the range:
  • ZooMed Microclean 304 Internal Filter. Measuring 4.7" x 1.7" x 1.7", this model can manage the aquariums with 5 to 15 Gallons of water capacity.
  • ZooMed Microclean 316 Internal Filter. Measuring 4.7" x 1.7" x 3.3", this model can manage the aquariums with 10 to 30 Gallons of water capacity.

  • ZooMed Power Sweep Power Heads. These ZooMed Power Head Pumps are meant for Under Gravel Filter Stems measuring to 1 1/8. The self-rotating ZooMed Power Heads generate enormous surface agitation for high aeration, while breaking the surface film of Oxygen inhibiting dead Bacteria. As a result, this dual processing Automatic Rotation Technology facilitates high Oxygen exchange in the Aquarium Water to the benefit of the life therein. Compatible with both, Freshwater as well as Marine Aquariums, especially Live Aquarium Plant Tanks, these ZooMed Power Heads have a Venturi Aerating System, adjustable flow rates, and Mounting Accessories. Laced with 1-year warranty, these CSA approved ZooMed Power Heads even make good Wave Maker in Marine Aquariums. ZooMed Power Sweep 212 Max 125 GPH, 214 Max 160 GPH, 226 Max 190 GPH, and 228 Max 270 GPH, are the options in the ZooMed Power Heads range.

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