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HO VHO Fluorescent LightingHO VHO Fluorescent Lighting

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HO VHO Fluorescent Lighting

High Output (HO) Very High Output (VHO) Fluorescent Lightings provide one of the broadest spectrums of light for Marine Aquariums, especially the Reef ones. HO VHO Fluorescent Lighting benefits the growth, development, enhanced color, and the health of Live Rock, Corals, and Fish. With high intensity of light generated per bulb, just a few lamps do the trick and you do not need to swamp your aquarium with bulbs. In effect, HO VHO Fluorescent Lighting offers better value for money and stays cooler than the Metal Halide Lighting. Fresh Marine stocks up some of the best HO VHO Fluorescent Lightings for your aquarium. The ensuing discussion deals with these.

Current USA NOVA Extreme T5HO with Lunar Lights by Current USA. These HO VHO Fluorescent Lighting Systems employ HO T5 Lamps (2 460nm Actinic Blue & 2 Daylight 10,000K SlimPaq), along with Moon White Lunar Night Lights. The energy efficient HO VHO Fluorescent Lighting unit is fan cooled for durability and performance. Effective Electronic Ballasts with high definition circuits, German Parabolic Reflector for HO, and Adjustable Mounting Legs complement the performance of these 24-hour, Time Controlled Lighting Systems. 24 NOVA Extreme 4X24W T5HO with 2 Lunar Lights, 36 NOVA Extreme 4X39W T5HO with 3 Lunar Lights, and 48 NOVA Extreme 4X54W T5HO with 4 Lunar Lights are the options in the range.

HO VHO Fluorescent Lighting by Hagen.
  • Hagen Glo T5 HO Linear Fluorescent Lighting Systems. These ergonomically designed lighting systems have high reflection lighting housing for optimally brightening your aquarium. The Hagen Glo HO VHO Fluorescent Lighting Systems come in three HO formats; 24W, 39W, and 54W, configured in Single and Double lights of 24, 36, and 48. Each Hagen Glo unit is laced with a T5HO Electronic Ballast, water resistant compression-fit End Caps, and internal Aluminum Reflector. You can securely fix these HO VHO Fluorescent Lighting Systems to aquarium with the help of Aquarium Mounting Brackets and adjustable Mounting Legs. These systems employ high definition technology for optimal life and performance of the lamps.
  • Hagen Glomat Electronic Ballast Starter Units. These HO VHO Fluorescent Lighting Units support two lamps of 24 size and 20Watts each. The units employ high definition technology to keep the Ballast performance high, durability strong, energy efficient, and quiet working. The Control Unit has a Timer to time control your Aquarium Lighting enabled via these Ballasts. The water-resistant End-Caps and Mounting Brackets impart a perfect finish to the HO VHO Fluorescent Lighting Units.
  • Hagen Marina Light Units 7W Suitable for Betta Kits. These HO VHO Fluorescent Lighting Units include a 7W Light Bulb, a 120V Power Cord, and an On-Off Switch. The lighting system provides the desired degree of heat and light for aquariums hosting Marina Goldfish, Betta Kits, and Living World Small Pals Pens.
  • Hagen T5 HO Electronic Ballasts for T5HO Fluorescent Bulbs. These Ballasts can fit 2X24W, 2X39W, and 2X54W Bulbs. The HO VHO Fluorescent Lighting System Ballasts have water-resistant compression fit Bulb End Caps, Bulb Clips, Mounting Plates, and an illuminated On/Off Indicator.

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