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Lighting Ballasts

Lighting Ballasts

One of the commonest type of Aquarium Lights, Electrical Gas Discharge Lights, such as, Fluorescent Lights, Neon Lights, and High-Intensity Discharge (HID) Lamps, have zero resistance and therefore, they cannot control the amount of current flowing through them. This unregulated current flow through the circuits can fuse them. This is where Lighting Ballasts come into picture. Lighting Ballasts are equipment, such as, Resistors, fitted in a circuit for regulating the Starting and Operating Voltages of Electrical Gas Discharge Aquarium Lights. Lighting Ballasts manage their working with the current flowing through the circuits they are fitted in and do not require additional power. Fresh Marine, one of the leading online market places dealing in aquarium products, presents a couple of very effective Lighting Ballasts for Aquarium Lights. The ensuing discussion deals with these two Lighting Ballasts available at Fresh Marine.

Visi-Lux Electronic Ballasts from Aquarium Systems. Capable of running Fluorescent Lamps of 30 to 40 Watts and measuring 36 to 48, these Lightning Ballasts are water resistant with Visi-Lux End Caps, made of sturdy Polycarbonate material. Visi-Lux employs high efficiency circuit architecture to save electricity, while generating only little heat. These simple to install Electronic Ballasts have a single cable connecting the Aquarium Lighting terminal to their End Caps. The cable has in-built Tightener Clip. The on/off Rocker Switch controls the operation of these lighting Ballasts.

Rainbow Lifeguard Replacement 25 W / 40 W UV Ballast by Pentair Aquatics.This Lighting Ballast handles Aquarium Lights of 25 to 40 Watt.

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