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Nudibranch, also known as Sea Slug, is soft-bodied shell less Marine Opisthobranch Gastropod Mollusks. Nudibranchs occur in attractive colors and striking forms. Nudibranchs are Marine Snails, which have no Shells even at maturity. Fresh Marine offers several interesting species of Nudibranchs. Prior to moving on to them however, lets have a brief idea about some of the common features of Nudibranchs.

Compatibility. Nudibranchs are non-aggressive towards the other aquarium inhabitants and should not be kept with any aggressive type of fish. They are Reef Compatible.
  • Habit & Habitat. Nudibranchs live at virtually all the depths of Salt Water, but reach their optimal size and variation in Warm, Shallow Waters. Nudibranchs habitually bury themselves in Sand, Decaying Wood, Rock Pools, Coral Rubble, Sea grass, Vegetation, or Mud. They live for a maximum of one and a half years, with their life span totally dependent upon the availability of the type of food, water, temperature, and other climatic conditions.
  • Morphology. As mentioned above, Nudibranchs are Marine Snails without a shell. Owing to similar looks, it is difficult to differentiate between a male and a female Nudibranch. Their body color depends upon that of algae they consume. Their Gills are found on the sides or along the side covered by a Flap.
  • Ideal Marine Aquarium Environment. Nudibranchs require aquarium temperature ranging between 72F to 78F, the Specific Gravity of 1.023 to 1.025, and water pH falling between 8.10 to 8.40. Nudibranchs also require a fair water flow in marine aquarium and need high intensity lighting in the tank they inhabit. Any chemical poisoning or fluctuation in environmental condition can cause the death of Nudibranchs. Keep ample movement space for Nudibranchs in your aquarium.
  • Aquarium Feeding. Being Omnivorous in their eating habit, Nudibranchs feed upon Algae of different colors, Sea Weeds, and Invertebrates such as, Sponges, Soft Corals, Anemones, Sea Pens, Portuguese Man-Of-Wars, Bryozoans, Ascidians, and Hydroids.
  • Aquarium Breeding. Nudibranchs have striking similarity between both, male and female genders.
  • Aquarium Care. Some species of Nudibranchs are poisonous in nature and therefore, should be maintained with caution. Only Expert Aquarists should handle them.

  • Now let us look at the Nudibranch species available at Fresh Marine.

  • Lettuce Nudibranch - Tridachea crispata. Also known as Elysia crispata, the Butterflies of Sea, Bryopsis, Lettuce Sea Slug, Lettuce Leaf Nudibranch, Eating Nudibranch, and Green Lettuce Nudibranch, this Nudibranch grows up to a size of 3. This Nudibranch, existing in various attractive colors such as, Blue, Green, Cream, Yellow, Brown, and Orange, is non-poisonous in nature. Lettuce Nudibranch has folded and ruffled looking side appendages, called Parapodia. This gives the Nudibranch a Lettuce type look and so the name. This Nudibranch is Herbivorous and feeds upon Bryopsis Algae, which help Nudibranch perform Photosynthesis for nutrition to get energy.
  • Sea Hare - Aplysia punctata. Measuring between 7cms to 20cms, this Nudibranch exists in different attractive colors such as Black, Olive, Purple, Brown, Tan, Red, and Green. Though non poisonous in nature, this Nudibranch has a unique quality of producing Purple colored liquid, which can destroy the vision of predators. This Nudibranch has a long, narrow body with Black, Grey, & White Spots, and a broad Penis without Spine. It is Hermaphrodite and reproduces sexually. It lays threaded pink eggs. This Nudibranch is Herbivorous and eats Seaweeds only.
  • Velvet Sea Slug - Chelidonura varians. Also called as Blue Doris, Blue Velvet Nudibranch, and Head Shield Sea Slug, this Nudibranch grows up to 3 and occurs in Black color with Blue stripes. This Nudibranch is poisonous in nature, requires a tank of minimum 10Gallons capacity. It has a long, pointed, and a laterally expanded tail. It has a life of 3 months. It is Carnivorous in feeding habit and prefers to eat Flatworms.

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