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Shrimps are Decapods (ten-legged) Omnivore Crustaceans found on the floor of oceans and lakes. These invertebrates, belonging to the Infraorder Caridea, have slender, hard, and almost transparent body covering. Undoubtedly, some Shrimps are attractive enough to form an interesting addition to an aquarium. Most Shrimps are a significant source of food for other marine life and for humans as well. Fresh Marine offers some very interesting species to grace your tank. However, before moving on, lets look at some of the general features of Shrimps.

Compatibility. Shrimps are generally peaceful in disposition. Most are Reef Compatible but make better additions to Fish Only Aquariums. Keep Shrimps in pairs or small groups.

  • Habit & Habitat. Shrimps are Benthic Dwellers and are generally found in Rock Crevices, Rocky Overhangs, Coral Rubble, and Rock Caves, in both, salt and fresh waters of the Indo-Pacific region.
  • Morphology. Shrimps are Hardy and can vary in size from being just an inch long to a maximum of nine inches. They occur in beautiful bright colors, and have three body segments with five pairs of walking legs and another five pairs for swimming.
  • Ideal Marine Aquarium Environment. Shrimps require a Specific Gravity of 1.023-1.025, a pH level of 8.1-8.4, and temperature in the range of 7278 degrees Fahrenheit, in your aquarium. The Copper and Nitrates level should be low in your tank. Keep your aquarium lights dim.
  • Aquarium Feeding. Shrimps are Omnivores and feed on Meaty bits, Phytoplankton, Zooplankton, and other junk, Detritus, that gets accumulated in the aquarium.
  • Aquarium Breeding. Shrimps are Hermaphrodites and are difficult to breed in captivity as other fishes usually eat them at the larval stage.
  • Care. Shrimps require low maintenance and are easy to keep even by the Beginners.

  • Some of the best species of Shrimps on offer from Fresh Marine are given below. These Shrimps are classified according to their families.

    Family - Rhynchocinetidae. The Shrimps of this Family have upward-hinged collapsible snout.
  • Camel Shrimp (Rhynchocinetes uritai). Also known as Camelback Shrimp, Hinge Beak Shrimp, Dancing Shrimp, Candy Shrimp, Humpback Shrimp, and Peppermint Shrimp, these Shrimps occur in Red and White colors. They are maximum 2 long and require a tank of minimum 10 Gallons capacity.

  • Family - Hippolytidae.
  • Cleaner Shrimp (Lysmata amboinensis). Also known as Scarlet Skunk, Cleaner Shrimp, and Cleaner Red Skunk Shrimp, these Shrimps are generally found in Red, Golden, and White colors and can grow up to a size of 2. They share a Symbiotic Relationship with fish.
  • Fire Shrimp (Lysmata debelius). Also known as Blood Red Fire Shrimp, Blood Shrimp, Cardinal, and Scarlet Cleaner Shrimp, These Shrimps occur in bright Red and White colors. Growing up to 2, Fire Shrimps require a tank of minimum 7 Gallons capacity.
  • Peppermint Shrimp (Lysmata wurdemanni). Also noted as Candy Cane Shrimp, Caribbean Cleaner Shrimp, and Veined Shrimp, they occur in Cream, Red, & White colors, and grow up to 2.
  • Saron Shrimp (Saron marmoratus). Also known as Common Marble Shrimp, Long Arms Marbled Shrimp, Monkey Shrimp, and Buffalo Shrimp, they change colors to Brown during the day and to Red at night. They can grow up to 2.

  • Family - Stenopodidae.
  • Coral Banded Shrimp (Stenopus hispidus). Also known as Banded Prawn, Banded Coral Shrimp, Barberpole Shrimp, and Banded Boxer Shrimp, these Nocturnal Shrimps can grow to a length of round 4 and require a minimum of 30 Gallons tank. Coral Banded Shrimps are aggressive and their body is covered with defensive Bristles. Keep only one or a mating pair of these Shrimps in a tank.

  • Family - Palaemonidae. .
  • Glass Anemone Shrimp (Periclimenes brevicarpalis). Also known as Pacific Clown Anemone Shrimp and White Patched Anemone Shrimp, these generally grow up to 0.5-1 long.

  • Family - Gnathophyllidae. Shrimps of this Family are colorful and feed on Starfish.
  • Harlequin Shrimp (Hymenocera picta). Also known as Painted Dancing Shrimp, Eastern Harlequin Shrimp, Clown Shrimp, and Dancing Shrimp, they can grow up to 1.5. They come in several colors like Brown, Tan, Blue, White, Purple, Cinnamon, and Red.

  • Family - Alpheidae. The Shrimps of this Family have crooked Claws.
  • Pistol Shrimp (Alpheus species). Also known Symbiosis Shrimp and Snapping Shrimp, these Shrimps occur in different colors and grow up to a maximum of 3.

  • Family - Malacanthinae.
  • Sexy Shrimp (Thor amboinensis). Also known as High Tailed Shrimp, Dancing Anemone Shrimp, Hump Backed Shrimp, Pikmin Shrimp, and Squat Anemone Shrimp, they prefer to live in Anemones and can grow up to 1.5 long.

  • Family - Gobidae. This Family contains Freshwater and Marine Ray-Finned Fish.
  • Randall's Pistol Shrimp (Alpheus randalli). Also known as Candy Stripe Shrimp, Red Banded Pistol Shrimp, and Candy Pistol Shrimp, these Shrimps occur in Red and White colors and grow up to a size of 1.5.

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