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Water Clarifiers TreatmentWater Clarifiers Treatment

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Aquarium Solutions Prazipro 1oz


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Tetra WaterClarifier 8 tabs


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Tetra Water Clarifier 3.38oz


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Aquarium Solutions Prazipro 4oz


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Seachem Clarity 250ml 8.5oz


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Tetra Water Clarifier 8.45oz


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Aquarium Solutions Betta Ultimate 3.08oz


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Weco Gulf Sea Salt 1lb


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Weco Sta-Clear 2oz


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Weco Instant DeChlor 1.25oz


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Seachem Betta Basics 60ml 2oz


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Kordon BettaTabs Complete Water Treatment 4pk


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Weco Sta-Clear 4oz


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Jungle Clear Water Liquid 2oz


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Kordon Smart-Start Conditioning Kit 1oz


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Kordon Sea-Clear Saltwater Clarifier 4oz


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Weco Instant DeChlor 4oz


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Tropical Science Nitromax 2oz


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Ecological Labs Microbe-Lift Special Blend. 4oz


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Seachem Liquid Marine Buffer 250ml 8.5oz


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Kordon Smart-Start Conditioning Kit 4oz


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Jungle Start Right Water Conditioner 16oz


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Weco Instant DeChlor 16oz


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Sea-Lab Automatic Replenisher Jar .5lb


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Ecological Labs Microbe-Lift Special Blend 8oz


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Tropical Science Nitromax Marine 8oz


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Ecological Labs Microbe-Lift Special Blend 16oz


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Tropical Science Liquid Gravel Vac Saltwater 16oz


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Tropical Science Nitromax Marine 16oz


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Tetra AquaSafe PLUS Water Conditioner 1L


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Sea-Lab #28 Automatic Replenisher Block 1K


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Sea-Lab #28 Automatic Replenisher Block 2lb Box


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Weco Instant Deshler 1gal


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Seachem Prime 4 L 1 fl. gal.


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Weco Instant DeChlor 32oz


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Weco Aqua-Derm 4oz


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Weco Aqua-Derm 16oz


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Weco Aqua-Derm 1.25oz


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Kordon EZ4U Kids Fizz Tablets Betta Tabs 4pk


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Kordon EZ4U Kids Fizz Goldfish Tabs .5gal tabs


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Novalek Fish Therapy - Natural Formula - 4 oz


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Novalek Fish Therapy - Natural Formula - 16 oz


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Kordon Boost FW Freshwater 4oz


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Kordon Boost FW Freshwater 16oz


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Ocean Nutrition Atison's Betta Spa - 125mL


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Reef Advantage Calcium, 4 kg / 8.8 lbs


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Reef Buffer, 4 kg / 8.8 lbs


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Kordon Zym-Bac Saltwater 16oz


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VitaTrace Saltwater - 16 fl oz


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Kordon Tidy Tank Saltwater 4oz


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Two Little Fishies ATLCB2C C Balance, 32-Ounce


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Water Clarifiers Treatment

An Aquarium is a mini ecosystem in itself, which encloses different type of life forms within its confines. As a result, Water Clouding due to Biological, Chemicals, or Particulates growth is a common problem in an aquarium. It is however, important that the quality of water, its hygiene level, nutrition level, etc., all are at the desired level. Water Clarifiers Treatment is one of the steps directed towards keeping the aquarium water clean.

Water Clarifiers Treatment primarily cleans Biological Clouding, usually caused due to an overgrowth of beneficial Bacteria, owing to a sudden increase in Organic wastes from overfeeding or death of an inmate. Water Clarifiers Treatment removes all or most of the Cloudiness inducing organic wastes present in the aquarium water, leaving it clear, and disease free. Water Clarifiers Treatment also cleans the aquarium surface. In effect, the aquarium water is cleaned, and aerated, thereby establishing a stress free environment, benefiting the quality, and the health of the lives therein. Fresh Marine brings to you a wide range of quintessential and effective Water Clarifiers Treatments, which are water-soluble and are ready to use. The ensuing discussion deals with these.

Water Clarifiers Treatment by Kent Marine.
  • Kent Marine Clean Equation Marine Clarifier. This, very potential, Water Clarifiers Treatment is completely biodegradable and cleans the aquarium water without disturbing its pH. Free from Phosphates, Nitrates, and Silicates, Marine Clarifier is a perfect mixture of high tech Polymers, capable of safely removing dirt and particles that cause haziness in aquarium water. To supplement it all, this Water Clarifiers Treatment is fully safe for aquarium inhabitants and does not clog the Fishes Gills, or causing the invertebrates to close up. Based in Deionized Water and Polyelectrolyte, this Water Clarifiers Treatment is designed only for Marine Aquariums, especially the ones with ornamental inhabitants.
  • Other Products. Kent Marine ProClear Freshwater Clarifier and Kent Marine ProClear Marine Clarifier.

  • Sea Clear Saltwater Clarifier by Kordon. This Water Clarifiers Treatment contains a synthetic, Inorganic Colloid Compound, which clubs with suspended particles present in aquarium water and settles down with them, at the bottom. Sea Clear is a powerful Water Conditioner, especially formulated for Marine or Brackish Water Aquariums and Ponds, and not for Freshwater Aquariums as it may raise its pH. In addition, this Water Clarifiers Treatment also acts as a Filter Bed Conditioner and activates Mechanical and Biological Filters to regulate haziness due to a new or disturbed Under Gravel Filter Beds.

    Water Clarifiers Treatment by Aquarium Pharmaceuticals.
  • Aquarium Pharmaceuticals Bio Chem Zorb. This Water Clarifiers Treatment is a perfect mixture of powerful Adsorbents, two Research-Grade Scavenger Resins, two Pharmaceutical-Grade Ion-Exchange Resins, and high porosity Activated Carbon, packed in a convenient Filter Pouch. Bio Chem Zorb is one of the most hi-tech Filter Medias for any Aquarium Filter, which cleans the aquarium water and restores its quality for the well-being of its inhabitants. This Water Clarifiers Treatment does not liberate Phosphates, while it easily eliminates Organic Wastes, such as, Toxic Gases, Water Discoloration, Foul Odors, Yellow Refractory Organics, and Phenols, present in both, Fresh and Saltwater Aquariums, usually due to uneaten fish food. If allowed to stay, these pollutants may create a stressful aquarium atmosphere for the tank mates, while also inviting diseases, stunting their growth, reducing the oxygen level, and lowering down their resistance. Ion Exchange and adsorption are a couple of mechanics Bio Chem Zorb employs in cleaning the Freshwater Aquariums, especially from Heavy Metals (Copper and Lead).
  • Other Products. Aquarium Pharmaceuticals Pond care Pond-Zyme Plus, and Aquarium Pharmaceuticals Accu-Clear Water Clarifier.

  • Water Clarifiers Treatment by Hagen.
  • Hagen Nutrafin Waste Control. This Water Clarifiers Treatment employs biological process to quickly break down solid Organic Wastes, such as, the by-products of decaying matter, Slime on Grass, Fill & Sludge, Protein layer on the water top, Fish Waste, Uneaten Fish Food, and Plant Debris, present in aquarium water. This removal of Organic Wastes controls the pathogenic Bacterial populations and keeps the aquarium clear and healthy.
  • Other Products. Hagen Nutrafin Bio Care Turtle Clean and Hagen Nutrafin Cycle.

  • PraziPro by Hikari Fish Food. This Water Clarifiers Treatment is actually Praziquantel, which is a ready to use liquid concentrate for Ponds. PraziPro controls Parasites, such as, Flukes, Tapeworm, Flatworm, and other Internal Parasites, present in a pond without disturbing its Biological Filtration. Fishes readily absorb this Water Clarifiers Treatment, which controls the symptoms of External and Internal Parasites attack.

    Water Clarifiers Treatments by Laguna Ponds.
  • Laguna Ponds Bio Sludge Control. This Biological Water Clarifiers Treatment contains microorganisms, which control the harmful Organic Solid Wastes and Sludge by dissolving and sedimenting them at the bottom of the Pond. As a result, Bio Sludge clears the pond water, keeping it healthy for long, to the benefit of aquatic animals and plants.
  • Other Products. Laguna Ponds Bio Booster, Laguna Ponds Phosphate Control, Laguna Ponds Water Prep, Laguna Ponds Clear Fast, and Laguna Ponds Water Conditioner Combo.

  • Other Water Clarifiers Treatments. Clarity Water Clarifier by Seachem; Pond Auqrem Water Clarifier and Pond Sludge Reduce, both by Tetra; and Nitromax Marine, Nitromax Fresh Water, Marine Max, Immune Plus, Liquid Gravel Vac, & Marine Clean, all 6 by Tropical Science Biolabs.

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