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Sea CucumbersSea Cucumbers

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Sea Cucumbers

Sea Cucumbers are another popular pick for Reef Type Marine Aquariums. Belonging to the Phylum Echinodermata and Class Holothuroidea, Sea Cucumbers have a Cucumber shaped body. Fresh Marine, one of the best online markets for aquarium products, offers several interesting types of Sea Cucumbers. However, prior to moving on to them, let us have a fundamental idea about the key features of Sea Cucumbers.

Compatibility. Sea Cucumbers are Peaceful in nature and do well with the other peaceful marine invertebrates.
  • Habit & Habitat. Sea Cucumbers exist on the Sea Floor and Reef Terraces in all parts of the world. Many Marine invertebrates, such as, Pearl Fish, Polychaete Worms, and Crabs, use the Cloacae of Sea Cucumbers as shelter, derive food from the waste passing through, and to mature into an adult. Sea Cucumbers often fall prey to many marine animals and are consumed even by humans.
  • Morphology. Sea Cucumbers are moderately hardy creatures, with an elongated body structure, shaped like a Cucumber and have a leathery Skin made of some Gelatin like tissue. The surface of Sea Cucumbers is spiny and has Warts, called Papillae. Some Sea Cucumbers have an Endoskeleton right below the skin. The Tentacles around the mouth of Sea Cucumbers help them forage for food. Sea Cucumbers have tubular feet, arranged longitudinally on the ventral side of the body. The lost body parts of Sea Cucumbers are readily regenerated.
  • Ideal Marine Aquarium Environment. Sea Cucumbers grow well in an already established, nutrients rich Reef Aquarium with a temperature range of 72-78°F; the Specific Gravity of 1.020-1.025; and the pH level of water within 8.1-8.4. The aquarium water should be clean, be treated well with Chemical Filters, and should be changed regularly. Keep a check on the Nitrates and Copper level in the water. Rocky and sandy bottoms are ideal for Sea Cucumbers.
  • Aquarium Feeding. Sea Cucumbers are Omnivorous and feed upon Plankton and Detritus.
  • Aquarium Breeding. Sea Cucumbers reproduce sexually by releasing Sperms and Ova into the water.
  • Care. Sea Cucumbers are extremely difficult to maintain and should be handled only by experienced Reef Aquarists. Sea Cucumbers are poisonous in nature, which stays so even after their death.

  • Let us now look at the specific Sea Cucumber options Fresh Marine offers.

    Family – Holothuriidae.
  • Black Cucumber (Holothuria atra). Also known as Black Sea Cucumber, Black Sea Urchin, and Lollyfish, these Sea Cucumbers measuring up to 24”, occur in Black and Brown colors. Black Cucumber’s long body is Black in color with some light colored spots.
  • Cucumber (Red & Black) (Holothuria edulis). Also known as Edible Sea Cucumber and Pinkfish, these Sea Cucumbers growing up to a size of around 12” or 30 cms, occur in Pink, Brown, Green, Red, and Black colors. Holothuria edulis thinly coats its body with sand.
  • Tiger Tail Cucumber (Baseodiscus species). Also known as Lollyfish, Tiger Tail Sea Cucumber, and Sand Sifting Sea Cucumber, these Sea Cucumbers, growing up to a length of 24”, occur in Tan, Yellow, and Brown colors. Sea Cucumbers are Nocturnal in habit and are therefore not readily spotted during the day time.

  • Family – Cucumariidae.
  • Sea Apple – Australian (Pseudocolochirus violaceus). Also known as Philippine Sea Apple and Violet Sea Cucumber, these Sea Cucumbers measuring around 7” or 18 cms, occur in Red, Blue, Pink, and Yellow colors. The body of Sea Apple is curved with the anterior and the posterior tips pointed upwards. These Sea Cucumbers have ten Purple colored Tentacles with White Tips. The pH level in the water should be stable; else it may prove harmful to the health of Sea Apple.

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