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Dental Care & Treament for PetDental Care & Treament for Pet

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Benedent EZDOG Finger Brush


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Petstages Fresh Breath Mint Stick Cat Toy


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Petrodex Finger Toothbrush Dog & Cat 2ct


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Benedent EZDOG Toothbrush Small Breeds


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Benedent EZDOG Toothbrush Large Breeds


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Petrodex Natural Toothpaste


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Natural Chemistry Dental Cleanse for Cats 8oz


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Kong Dental Stick Red Small


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Benedent EZDOG Dental Kit Large Breeds


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Petrodex Breath Spray Dog & Cat 4oz


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Kong Dental Stick Red Medium


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SENTRY Petrodex VS Dental Rinse Cat 4oz


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Dingo Dental Chomps for Medium Dogs, 10-Count


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Dingo Dentral Mini Chips For Fresh Breath 20pk


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Dingo Dental Spirals for Dogs, 7-Count


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Dingo Dental Spirals For Fresh Breath 15pk


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Redbarn Fetcher Dog Chew Large


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Redbarn Fetcher Braided Small 5in 35ct


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Redbarn Braided Fetcher Dog Chew Medium


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Triple Pet Finger Bush Kit


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Triple Pet EZDOG Toothpaste, 2.5 oz.


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Triple Pet Ezdog Toothbrush Kit for Small Breeds


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Dental Care & Treatment for Pet

Usually, Cats and Dogs develop some oral problem by the age of three years, with the symptoms being Gums Infection & Inflammation. The issue starts with the formation of Plaque and Tartar (Calculus) over a period, mostly below the Gumline. Then, these gray areas become the storehouse of Bacteria, which may result in Bad Mouth Odor, Tender & Bleeding Gums, Receding Gums, Tooth Decay, and Tooth Loss. The toxins & Bacteria from these infected areas enter the bloodstream of your pets to affect their overall health adversely. Heart, Kidneys, Intestines, and Joints, are some key areas badly affected by Oral problems. Dental Care & Treatment for Pet is therefore an important part of a petís hygiene & well-being.

The Dental Care & Treatment for Pets not only includes a proper brushing of the Teeth, but also involves eating certain suitable Pet Foods that take care of their Teeth. These foods include edibles that do not harm the teeth, while some of them being beneficial as well. Avoid Soft & Sticky foods that are difficult to clean, and may remain stuck in teeth for long. Dry Foods on the other hand, act as scrubs to keep the teeth clean. Usually any foods discouraging the growth of harmful Bacteria in the Oral Cavity can be considered a part of Dental Care & Treatment for Pets.

Setting up a regime of Dental Care & Treatment for Pets at an early age is the best proposition. Once they grow old, its quite difficult to have them adapt a hygiene routine. However, it is not impossible to train the grownups and persistence & patience with them helps train them well. All this while, make sure you do not force your pet. Do get your pet checked regularly by your Veterinarian. Brush your petsí teeth at least thrice a week. Use pets Toothpastes & Toothbrushes for the purpose for Dental Care & Treatment for Pets, as they are designed specifically according to their requirements. In addition, take care that your pets do not play with hard objects that may hurt their Teeth or their Oral Cavity, as an injury means the vicious Bacterial cycle.

Fresh Marine brings to you some of the best available Dental Care & Treatment for Pets, to help your pet achieve a healthy & hygienic Oral order and maintain it too. The following discussion talks about it.

Dental Care & Treatment for Pet by Petrodex.
  • Dental Care Kit for Dogs Ė Poultry Flavor. This Dental Care & Treatment Formula for Dogs includes a Dual Ended Toothbrush, a Finger Toothbrush, and a 2.5ounce Tube of Enzymatic Toothpaste, which has a Poultry Flavor. The Double Ended Brush has been designed ergonomically to fit any size of Mouth, big or small, while the Finger Brush is meant for the beginner pets or the pets with small mouth. The two comfortably soft Bristled Brushes are Dishwasher safe, and the Toothpaste does not foam, therefore does not require water washing.
  • Dental Chews for Dogs. These Dental Care & Treatment for Pet options help in reducing Dental Plaques and control the formation of Tartar. Dental Chews are Dual Enzyme Formulas, which helps in controlling Bacteria, and keep both, the Teeth and the Breath, clean and fresh. These Chews are available in three packs each, for small (24pk), medium (5oz), and large (5oz) sized dogs.

  • Dog Dental Wipes - Pet Tooth & Gum Wipes from John Paul. Available in 45 Wipes pack these Dental Care & Treatment for Pets are specially devised to protect Gums and Teeth from any kind of Infection or Bacterial Growth, while deodorizing their mouth.

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